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Car Insurance in Spain: Everything You Need to Know

In Spain, having insurance for vehicles like cars, trucks, RVs, motorbikes, and scooters is mandatory, with severe fines for non-compliance. Bicycles, however, are exempt. Registering a vehicle is a prerequisite for obtaining car insurance, and while foreign vehicles have a grace period of 3-6 months without Spanish registration, they still need at least third-party insurance. All vehicles, even inactive ones, must be insured, although insurers typically cover only roadworthy vehicles. (materials from happylife.es)

For EU citizens relocating to Spain, existing insurance policies may suffice with international coverage confirmation. Non-EU nationals, however, must register their vehicles and purchase local insurance once the grace period expires.

Car Insurance in Spain: Types of Insurance, Companies, Bonuses

Types of Car Insurance in Spain

Third-Party Liability:

  • Covers damages and expenses for third parties but not one's own costs.
  • Suitable for older or cheaper vehicles or infrequent drivers.

Third-Party Fire and Theft:

  • Covers third-party claims and some own-vehicle damage.
  • Includes fire, theft, storm, and vandalism coverage.
  • Customizable to specific needs.


  • Covers all costs for both oneself and third parties, except for violations of the law.
  • Ideal for expensive cars, daily drivers, or those with specific risks.
  • Premiums increase with higher risk.

Car Insurance Costs and Bonuses

Average annual car insurance costs in Spain are slightly above €350, affected by factors like vehicle value, driver profile, age, and location, especially in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Third-party liability coverage costs around €150, while comprehensive policies exceed €400 annually. Increasing the excess amount can lower premiums.

Spain offers a no-claims bonus system, providing yearly premium reductions for claim-free years, typically 5% per year up to 65%. Drivers can transfer their no-claims periods between insurers, even across EU countries, subject to proof. Conversely, drivers with accident history or license points face increased premiums, as do young drivers under 25.

Car Insurance Companies in Spain

Popular car insurance providers in Spain include AXA, Linea Directa, and Mapfre Seguros, with services easily comparable via platforms like Acierto.com.

Applying for Car Insurance

Applying for car insurance in Spain is straightforward, often done online or via phone/email. Necessary information includes a valid Spanish or recognized driving license, NIE number, Spanish address, and bank account details. Upon approval, insurers issue insurance certificates, accident statement forms, and green cards, although keeping copies handy is advisable.

Ensure compliance and peace of mind on Spanish roads with the right car insurance coverage tailored to your needs and preferences.